PRO ICE<br>Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy

Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy

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Detailed Description

The Pro-Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap is the premier cold therapy product in the USA and international baseball markets. Provides cold therapy coverage from the midpoint of the scapula to the mid-point of pectoralis muscles. Provides great ice therapy for the rotator cuff, upper arm and elbow. The Pro-Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap is good for individuals 5' to 6' tall and 120-200lbs. For those over 6' tall and 200lbs use the Pro Model (sold separately). Keep your ice pack cool longer with the Pro Ice Large Cooler Bag (sold separately).

Note: When not in use inserts may be stored in the freezer (flat) or outside of the freezer (flat) in a cool & dry location.

Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Wrap Features:

  • Pro-Ice Products have been specifically designed and manufactured to meet the needs of athletes
  • An easy to apply, portable form of dry cold therapy for your shoulder
  • PRO-ICE is cost effective because itís reusable
  • The shoulder wrap covers the shoulder, rotator cuff, upper arm and elbow
  • This product can be used on either arm.
  • The inserts are filled with a non-toxic, non-hazardous, food grade material with the same characteristics of water.
  • Will freeze at 27 degrees and with stay frozen longer then ice

Includes - 
Original Shoulder & Upper Arm Ice Wrap Unit
One complete set of ice inserts for this unit