Louisville<br>Black Flame<br>Pitching Machine<br>(Baseball & Softball)

Black Flame
Pitching Machine
(Baseball & Softball)

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Detailed Description

  • Throws at speeds up to 55mph 
  • Equivalent Speeds from 40ft up to 75mph
  • New Interchangeable components to switch from throwing strikes to throwing longer and higher fly balls
  • New Additional Speed Levels 
  • Throws any type of ball including plastic, dimple, restricted flight, hard ball and softball 
  • Completely Portable & Mechanical 
  • No Need for Electricity or batteries 
  • Use Indoors or Out 
  • Extremely Accurate and Simple to Use 
  • Easy Adjustments to Throw Hard Ground Balls and Long Fly Balls 
  • Perfect for both Fast-Pitch and Slow Pitch Softball 
  • Official Pitching Machine of Babe Ruth and Pony League Baseball
  • Replacement Spring Sold Seperately: L60112