Custom Uniform Program

  1. Custom Uniform Order Form: please submit the enclosed form, completed in full along with the Artwork form if you are having numbering/ screening applied.
  2. League Sign-off: An authorized purchaser from your league must sign the uniform order form prior to delivery, to confirm that teams, sizes and numbering sequence are correct. This includes surcharges on XXL shirt requests and specific number requests. This policy is waived on fill-ins to avoid delays.
  3. Order changes: Once you submit an order for this program you may NOT make any changes to the original order, as it has been sent to the manufacturing facility for immediate processing. An order change of even one (1) line item requires complete cancellation of the original order. If this is needed, a surcharge of $100 must be applied to the order. Please be certain of your ordering needs prior to submission.
  4. Returns: As stated above, no returns of "touched" uniform product. "Untouched" product requires a 20% restocking fee.
  5. Pre-payment/ Credit approval: To ensure that there are no delays, please submit a completed credit application seven days in advance of your order, or send full payment with your order.