JUGS<br>BP® 2 Pitching Machine<br>(Baseball)

BP® 2 Pitching Machine

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Detailed Description

  • Delivers pitches at a realistic downward plane giving your hitters a better pitcher vs. hitter experience
  • The BP2 allows you to set the digital speed you desire by simply turning a knob
  • The BP2 has a 45-90 mph range
  • The Pinpoint Micro-Adjustment is the most advanced and easy to use pitch targeting system ever developed for 1, 2, or 3-wheel pitching machines (patent pending)
  • Locate pitches instantly - right to left, up or down, with a quick turn of the wrist
  • 6 pre-set pitch positions
  • The BP2 takes the guesswork out! Tire chassis rotate around the feed chute for fast and easy setup
  • Select-A-Pitch™ Dial
  • The BP®2 throws the following six pitches at the turn of a dial
    Fastballs and splitfingers, left and right-hand curveballs, and left and right-hand sliders