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Cordless Radar Gun

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Detailed Description

  • Operates in two user-friendly modes—Trigger mode and Continuous mode.
  • Trigger Mode:Pulling the trigger reads the speed of the pitch.
  • Speed remains on the radar gun for the duration you set in the menu. Default is 5 seconds. Continuous Mode:Pulling the trigger twice reads the speed of the pitch automatically, then clears itself to read the speed of the next pitch.
  • FAST,LAST and FAST/LAST Functions:FAST captures readings at the release point. LAST captures readings at the plate. FAST/LAST captures both.
  • Five pitch recall: You can view the last five pitches thrown with the recall feature.??
  • Data port for transmitting data to a display or computer.
  • 6 NiMH rechargeable batteries power your radar gun for up to a week of use under normal operating conditions—Batteries recharge in just 2 hours.