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Dead On Stike Zone Trainer

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The DeadOn Target Training System is not only training the body but the mind as well. The patented design of the DeadOn Sports Precision Targets gives a visual imprint unlike any other sports equipment. It goes beyond your regular training aspects by using mind mapping to increase accuracy and consistancy. Most would agree that accuracy is built by increasing concentration and focus, and the small DeadOn targets encourage these. 


It could mean the difference between a narrow victory or heartbreaking defeat. DeadOn Sports Target Training System increases accuracy and consistency by giving you a precise point of impact while blocking out visual noise for maximum concentration. 


The versatility of the design makes it an ideal multi-sport training devise. The frame can be outfitted with a strike zone for softball or baseball pitching and fielding practice. It's also ideal for football quarterbacks and long snappers, as well as volleyball setters and hitters. 


The frame is built fom 16 gauge steel tubes and the target sheets are created from ultra-durable 18-oz vinyl. All of the parts withstand the hardest impacts at all levels of play. You can expect years of use from your targets.