Soft Touch<br>Double First Base Set<br> (Spike-Down)

Soft Touch
Double First Base Set

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Detailed Description

The S15DBL-SET is a complete set of Soft Touch® S series which is designed specifically for leagues and facilities that do not have a mounting system in place. This base set comes with an S series double first base which allows both the fielder and runner to each have their own base, reducing the chance of collision, and two 15” S Series progressive release bases with mounting system. Made in the USA With the unique spike down feature, installation, and removal is a breeze. The product is ideal for practice or play in any grassy area. The double first base is not a release style base due to its dual anchor system and only comes in the standard 15” size    

What’s Included:

  • One 15” Spike Down double first base polyurethane cover.
  • Two Progressive release 15” base covers.
  • Three Spike Down mounting tees with nine mounting spikes.
  • One Disk with one Spike.
  • Detailed installation instructions.

Additional Details:

  • Great for game day or practice
  • Material: Durable cut resistant polyurethane.
  • Model: S15DBL-SET
  • Base dimensions: 30 x 15 x 2 1/8 (double first) 15 x 15 x2 ½ (2nd and 3rd base)
  • Replacement spike down tees, and additional base covers sold separately.

**Note: Double first bases are not releasing style bases due to dual anchor system and only come in standard 15” size bases.


Thank you for choosing Soft Touch® Bases. Click here to download a complete installation instruction guide.